In the history of modern music it is very hard to find a genre as progressive as drum & bass. In just a few decades, this unbounded style crossed physical and mental boundaries of motherland England so it could go beyond the endless variety and create a phenomenal sense of togetherness and totally unique global family. Now arrives the ultimate opportunity to set the most important milestones of this electronic music evolution together - announcing the TOP 100 most popular tracks poll! It is only up to you which ones will be sent to the Hall of Fame. Out of the hundreds of pounds of pure gold from all over the world that you will choose, we will select the top 10 musical spectacles of all times. We will reveal them in a special audiovisual show on the second largest open air stage at Let It Roll 2019. Vote in the poll and create a history with us!


In your opinion, which drum & bass track is the best of all times? Select minimum 1, maximum 5 tracks that should not be missing in the top100 poll. We will then draw 10 of you who will get a free ticket to Let It Roll 2019. The winners will also get a piece of LIR merchandise. We will draw the winners on 10th June.

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